Saturday, November 13, 2010

So What's Going ON?!?!

So, 24 of the 25 segments around the world are wrapped!!!!

We're deep in discussions on everything from our new website, trailers, scoring, bands, post production, distribution, social media et cetera.

I've taken a seat on the music committee. I'm enjoying this. We're trying to take a different approach that will bring the segments together but hold onto their cultural diversity. There are exciting ideas being thrown around. Hopefully some of them stick and work! We're researching, talking to people, and seeing what bands might be interested in coming on board.
If you know anyone, get in touch! Nothing's decided yet, it's still early days.

I've just finished the latest edit of heart shaped and I'm happy how it's coming along. I still have a few reshoots to do. These were meant to happen weeks ago! What happened? A certain well known courier company happened!!!

The backpack was being shipped from London to Dublin for the reshoots. 2 day delivery. 24 days later... apparently my address is insufficient for delivery. But I live here. Everyone else manages to find it. Hell, it's okay, I said, I'll email them and call them to give them directions.
Oh no. They don't like that. Only the sender can contact them. Ok, I'll pick it up from the depot, I'll bring ID. Oh they couldn't possibly tell me where the depot is.

So what did they do? They shipped it back to London. Where it got lost in transit.
And has only just re-emerged. In London. Having been to Dublin. Probably waved as it flew over my house. Twice.

Oh well. What can I do? Nothing I can write on a public forum anyway :-)


Friday, October 8, 2010

Time Wasters -Storyland Promo

On a side note- I finished the no-budget promo for the Storyland 3 entry -
Time Wasters.

Written by Philip Doherty and Ray Fitzsimons, directed and edited by myself, produced by Lucia Gavin, d.o.p. Phil Sheerin, sound recorded by Greg Fitzpatrick.

Starring Aaron Monaghan and Kieron Smith.

Watch and hopefully enjoy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trailer Coming Soon!

SATURDAY 25th September

The trailer for the Lost Backpack will premiere on FACEBOOK!

Join the Facebook Group HERE
or befriend mdebarra (me!) on Facebook.

It's looking really fantastic.

At this stage 21 of the 25 segments have shot - we're almost there on the shot.

I've also seen the assembly cut - I've got very high hopes for the film.
It is intriguing, beautiful, sad, happy, lyrical - what more could you want?

So remember - this Saturday, time to be advised - but take it as 3pm unless you hear any different!!!

My long awaited pick ups will take place within 2-3 weeks - we decided to wait until the assembly was together on the overall film to see what else might be needed. I'm happy I know what we need now. Wish me luck!